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   Coffee and Health  Est 3

Habitual coffee drinking may lower blood pressure, not raise it as often previously believed. A 2005 study of 155,594 American Women (the ongoing Nurses health Study, as published in the Journal of American Medical Ass, vol. 294, Nov 9, '05) shows the percentage change in relative risk of hypertension when the daily coffee intake was:

less than 1 cup: 0% / 1 cup: plus 6% / 2 to 3 cups: 0% / 4 to 5 cups: minus 8% / 6 and more cups: minus 10%

The Associated Press reports that researchers from the University of Scranton in Pennsylvania have determined that coffee provides more healthful antioxidants--substances that are thought to fight cancer and heart disease--than any other food or beverage found in the typical American diet. Led by chemistry professor Joe A. Vinson, the team analyzed the antioxidant content of 100 popular foods and beverages, including vegetables, fruits, nuts, spices and oils. Using data from the U.S. Department of Agriculture they then figured out how much of each food is typically consumed.

Average adult consumes this many antioxidants daily from:

Coffee (1.6 cups): 1,299 milligrams / Tea: 294 milligrams / Bananas: 76 milligrams / Dry beans: 72 milligrams / Corn: 48 milligrams

This isn't the first study to praise the health benefits of coffee. Earlier, Japanese researchers reported that people who drink coffee every day or almost every day have half the risk of developing liver cancer, compared with people who never drink it. The protective effect occurred with just one to two cups daily and increased with three to four cups. In addition, Harvard University researchers determined that coffee consumption can decrease by as much as 50 percent in men and 30 percent in women the risk of developing type 2 diabetes.


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