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Newsflash 21 August 2011: coming soon: Santa Barbara from Honduras

   Coffee Harvest Seasons  Est 3

List of speciality coffee producing countries and their harvest seasons

Central America

Costa Rica: Sep to Feb

Cuba: Jul to Feb

Dominican Republic: Sep to Feb

El Salvador: Nov to Mar

Guatemala: Aug to Mar

Haiti: Aug to Mar

Hawaii: Sep to Nov

Honduras: Oct to Mar

Jamaica: Aug, Sep

Mexico: Oct to Mar

Nicaragua: Nov to Feb

Panama: Oct to Dec

Puerto Rico: Sep - Nov

South America

Colombia: Oct to Mar

Venezuela: Oct to Jan

Peru: Apr to Oct

Brazil: Apr to Sep


Ethiopia: Oct to Dec

Kenya: Oct to Mar

Uganda: Oct to Jan

Burundi: Apr to Sep

Malawi: Dec to Feb

Rwanda: Mar to Aug

Tanzania: Oct to Feb

Zambia: May to Jul

Yemen: Jun to Dec


India: Oct to Feb

Sumatra: Dec to Mar

Java: Jun to Sep

Papua New Guinea: May to Sep

Sulawesi: Jun to Sep

Timor: Jun to Sep

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